Examination Couch ECT3

Examination Couch ECT3

A Medical Examination Couch is a product that is found in all medical centers and hospitals. It is essential for the examination and treatment of patients by the medical staff. The Medical Examination Couch provides the patient with a comfortable place to lie down and be examined.



Examination Couch Pakistan | Examination Couch For Sale | ECT3

  • The Examination Couch ECT3 is of sturdy construction and is able to withstand weights of up to 160 kilograms.
  • It is available in three colors: blue, black and pink.
  • The dimensions of the couch are Approx. 1800 L x 550 W x 800 H mm
  • The head section of the Medical Examination Couch is perhaps the most important thing since its height can be adjusted as and when required by the examiner.
  • ECT3 Examination Table Examination table, 3 sections, with adjustable head and leg section with lever mechanism to varying positions.
  • Legs mounted on rubber tips for scratch-less moving.

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