Product Delivery

  1. Delivery time span will be given after receiving official purchase order and delivery time will guide estimated as a result delivery time may vary to some days to some weeks.
  2. The deadlines and time periods indicated by the AL GHANI Medical and Surgical are not binding, unless agreed otherwise in writing.
  3. AL GHANI Medical and Surgical is always permitted to carry out partial services or deliveries.
  4. The delivery deadline is extended to a reasonable extent – even if delay has occurred already – in the event of unforeseeable events that cannot be avoided by AL GHANI Medical and Surgical, for example, breakdowns, equipment failure, strikes, lock-outs, lack of power and raw materials, attacks, administrative measures and other events that constitute Acts of God, regardless of whether these circumstances arise for AL GHANI Medical and Surgical or one of its suppliers. AL GHANI Medical and Surgical must inform the customer immediately if one of these events occurs. AL GHANI Medical and Surgical must also inform the customer how long such an event is likely to last.
  5. The delivery deadline is deemed to have been adhered to if the object of purchase has left the factory before it expires or if the customer has been informed that it is ready for dispatch.
  6. Charges will as per actual delivery charges may charge according to city and territory.
  7. Company will not be responsible for any damage, wear & tear after products are sold or delivered.
  8. Prices for Goods do not cover storing, installing, starting up or maintaining goods unless expressly stated in seller’s quotation.
  9. AL GHANI Medical and Surgical does not take responsibility for delays of its service, caused as a result of circumstances beyond our control.
  10. 50% Advance payment will be charged and balance before delivery of goods.

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